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Tips for Optimal Performance
  • Depending on the connection speed that you are using, the individual pages in the course will take anywhere between 25-40 seconds to download. For an optimum learning experience, you are recommended to view the course using a LAN connection.
  • If you have any pop-up blockers installed on your computer, it is recommended that you turn the blocker off so that the course can run smoothly. Click here to view a tutorial on how to turn the pop-up blocker off.
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  • Do turn the audio on for the best learning experience. You are recommended to use a set of headphones in a cubicle environment. Avoid using the inbuilt laptop speakers. Note: Do not play music when starting or while taking the training since this may interfere with the audio in the course.
  • If you are using the Microsoft Office Shortcut Bar, turn it off or set it to Auto Hide so that it does not interfere with the course interface. Click here for a tutorial.
  • Do not leave the training session unattended on your computer for more than 50 minutes. If you have to leave the training session for an extended period, exit out of the training. If you do not exit, your assessment scores or course progress will be not be tracked.
  • Always close your training session by clicking the Exit button in the course navigation bar.
  • If the course is not launched properly in the full screen mode or If you are unable to view the navigation buttons in the course, Click here to view the actions you need to take.
Component Requirement Current Version Status
Java Script
Popup Blocker
Flash Greater than 9
Browser Internet Explorer 7 and greater
Google Chrome
Screen Resolution Width/Height
Java Version Greater Than 1