Speciality / Super-Speciality Specific



1.      Anaesthesiology


2. a.  Paediatrics(Hospital)


    b.  Paediatric(Clinic)


3.     Burn Care Facility(Hospital)


4.a.  Plastic Surgery(Hospital)


    b.  Plastic Surgery(Clinic)


5. a.  Cardiology(Hospital)


    b.  Cardiology Services(Clinic)


6.     Dental Set Up -Stand Alone/Hospital Set Up


7.  a. Dermatology(Hospital) 


     b.  Dermatology(Clinic)


     c.  STD Clinic


8.  a.  Gastroenterology(Hospital) 


    b.  Gastroenterology Services(Clinic)


9 . a.  Gi Surgery(Hospital)


      b.  Gi  Surgery(Clinic)


10. a.  General Surgery(Hospital)


      b.  General Surgery(Clinic)


11. a. Medicine And Geriatric(Hospital)


      b. Medicine And Geriatric (Clinic)


12. a. Endocrinology(Hospital)


      b.  Endocrinology(Clinic)


13. a. Neurology(Hospital)


      b.  Neurology(Clinic)


14. a. Neurosurgery(Hospital)


       b. Neurosurgery Services(Clinic)


15. a. Gynae And Obstetrics Indoor Services(Hospital)


      b.  Gynae And Obstetrics (Clinic)


      c.  IVF Clinic (ICMR Norm)


16. a.  Orthopaedic(Hospital)

       b. Orthopaedic Services (Clinic)

17. a. Otorhinolaryngology (Hospital)

       b. Otorhinolaryngology  Services (Clinic)

       c.  Deaf And Dumb Clinic

18. a. Psychiatry Services (Hospital)

       b. Psychiatry Services (Clinic)

       c. Deaddiction Centre

19. a. Ophthalmology (Hospital)

       b. Ophthalmology Services (Clinic)

       c. Optometrist  Services

20. a. Urology (Hospital)

       b. Urology Services (Clinic)

21. a. Nephrology (Hospital)

      b. Nephrology (Clinic)

     c. Dialysis Centre Guidelines


     d. Dialysis Centre Checklist

22. a. CTVS (Hospital)

       b. CTVS(Clinic)

23.   Radiotherapy

24 a.   Medical Diagnostic Laboratories

   b.   Draft Minimum Standards of Collection Centres

25. a. Imaging Centers - X-Ray Clinic / Cathlab / DSA / OPG And Dental / DEXA Scan

     b.   Imaging Centers - Sonography (Color Doppler) Clinic

     c.   Imaging Centers - CT Scan Center / PET CT Scan

     d.   Imaging Centers - MRI

 26. a. Rheumatology

       b. Rheumatology Clinic Polyclinic

 27. a. Pulmonology

       b. Pulmonology  Clinic


28. a. Medical Oncology Clinical Haematology


      b. Medical Oncology Clinical Haematology Clinic Poloclinic


29. a. Gynaecological Oncology


      b. Gynaecological Oncology Clinic Polyclinic


30. a. Surgical Oncology


      b. Surgical Oncology Clinic Polyclinic


 31.a. Neonatology


      b. Neonatology Clinic


 32. a. Paediatric Surgery


       b. Paediatric Surgery Clinic Polyclinic


  33.    PMR Clinic


  34.    Palliative Care


  35.    Anexure for Hospital and  Clinical


  36.    Annexue for Dental Clinical Establishments

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